Business Owners Can Be Optimistic About 179D Tax Deductions

Even though maximal deductions of the past 179 tax section were more than double than what they are now business taxpayers can still be hopeful towards a future extension. For those who did not already know, section 179 of the tax code serves business taxpayers who are currently deducting approved equity throughout the tax year, up to a certain sum.

By taking a closer look at the difference between last year and this year, it can be seen that following multiple extensions (including a few adjustments), an ultimate deduction of $500,000 was passed for 2013. When the law lapsed after 2013, the ceiling for 2014 returned to a measly $25,000.

179D Tax Deduction Extensions

Dean Sonderegger, the Executive Director of Product Management for Bloomberg BNA Software, mentioned that the odds for a potential extension look bright, in the face of the anticipated absence of two decisive members in the House.

Despite the fact that each chamber of Congress is arguing over legislation that will prolong the increase of the cost allowance of Section 179. Sonderegger states that there is a couple of tactics. First, the Senate bill put forth by Senator Wyden would offer a two-year postponement. Unfortunately, this bill has been hindered in the Senate. Contrastingly, the House’s bill would make the Section 179 law completely long-lasting; also this case has more clout than the Senate’s bill.

Considering the retirement of Representative Dave Camp of Missouri, who also happens to be the influential administrator of the tax-writing Ways & Means Committee, presents a struggle for an enduring extension of a more benevolent Section 179 tax bracket. Camp’s forecasted outline for a more inclusive tax improvement, with a focus on the long-standing extension of Section 179, gained minimal momentum even before his announcement. For now, it seems that an intensive reformation of the current tax situation has fallen to the wayside, at least until the election has passed.

Potential Increase For Discussed Tax Breaks

Luckily Sonderegger is most assured that the temporary renewal of the Section 179D deduction, plus the accompanying 50% bonus depreciation break, will take place. He announces that there is robust backing in the business sector, and with a hand full of Congressional leaders, to increase the discussed tax breaks. “Traditionally, these extensions are approved in lame-duck sessions,” noted Sonderegger. And Sonderegger places the chances of this bill’s passage after the election in the 70 plus percentage span. To conclude all this Sonderegger informs his patron’s to advance with tentative opportunism.

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