Industry Experts with Proven Results

When considering who Walker Reid Strategies is, it is important to understand what we do.


With over 1 Billion dollars in total certified 179D deductions and 45L Tax Credits, Walker Reid Strategies has experience with proven results.

As a licensed professional engineering firm who specializes in performing 179D studies and 45L certifications. We have been able to refine our processes to maximize financial benefits while reducing our clients internal costs and efforts.

Industry Leaders

Walker Reid Strategies actively participates in numerous national organizations related to both Energy Efficiency and Specialty Tax Services. Key members of our team are distinguished advisers and advocates on different energy and tax policies. Additionally, Walker Reid members frequently lecture and contribute on the 179D Tax Deduction, 45L Tax Credit, the energy implication and tax consequences of the incentives and credits.

Our Team

    • Engineers: Walker Reid’s team of engineers specialize in performing energy models and site audits specifically for maximizing the benefits of the tax incentives 179D and 45L.
    • Commercial Energy Raters: Additionally, our engineers are trained and certified energy raters providing additional skills for site audits and energy analysis expertise.
    • Tax Energy Incentives Advisers: Our advisers facilitate the process and are trained to be knowledgeable in both the engineering and tax aspects of section 179D and 45L.