Section 179D

Walker Reid Strategies strives to create a streamlined and transparent process to ensure our clients can maximize their benefits with minimal internal costs and efforts.

1. Initial Consultation

An initial consult with a Walker Reid Advisor will result in an in depth evaluation of your companies potential of benefitting from a 179D Tax deduction or a 45L Tax Credit.

2. Feasibility Study

Our professional engineering team will conduct a feasibility study allowing us to pre-qualify your project for the EPAct 179D Tax Deduction or 45L Tax Credit. Minimal information about the energy efficient property will be requested from the property owner to do so.

3. Notice to Proceed

After pre-qualifying your building for the EPAct 179D Tax Deduction or the 45L Tax Credit and their financial benefit, you will authorize a notice to proceed and perform the energy and certification study.

4. Engineering and Inspection

At this point, we commence with the IRS required Engineering Analysis and Site Inspection. All proper documentation and analysis will be gathered to satisfy all requirements of 179D or 45L of the I.R.C.

5. Review and Delivery of Final Certification

After completion, an electronic copy of the final report will be provided, allowing it to be reviewed by you and your tax professional. Upon approval, a signed electronic copy will be delivered.