179D Tax Deduction – Process

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45L/ Energy Star/ ZERH – Process

  • Step 1

    Initial Consultation - Identifying Opportunities

    At Walker Reid, we kickstart the process with an initial consultation to determine if your project is a viable candidate for the Energy Star or Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program. During this phase, we’ll engage in a detailed discussion covering:

    – Opportunities and Risks: We’ll evaluate the financial incentives available, assess prevailing wage requirements, and identify any technical construction prerequisites that might affect your project’s eligibility. This step helps us uncover potential hurdles and opportunities.

    – Green Building Integration: We explore additional green building consulting opportunities that can seamlessly integrate with the tax credit program, maximizing your benefits.

    – Early Engagement: We emphasize the importance of early involvement, ideally during preconstruction activities, to optimize project outcomes.

  • Step 2

    Technical Feasibility Review

    If you express interest after the initial consultation, we proceed to an in-depth technical feasibility review. During this phase, we evaluate whether your project meets the Energy Star or ZERH program requirements or determine what adjustments are necessary to qualify. Our goal is to ensure your project aligns with the program’s goals and standards.

  • Step 3

    Energy Modeling and Training

    Upon engagement, the Walker Reid team takes charge. We conduct comprehensive energy modeling as mandated by the program’s standards. Additionally, we provide essential training to your developer and builder team on crucial milestones required to attain the desired certifications. If design changes are needed to meet the criteria, we’ll make recommendations at this stage.

  • Step 4

    Preconstruction Support

    Throughout the construction phase, our pre construction team remains at your disposal. We assist in addressing queries, track project progress, and provide the necessary checklists for your builder/developer team to complete. Our goal is to ensure your project stays on track and compliant with program requirements.

  • Step 5

    Pre-Drywall Inspections - A Critical Step

    This phase is pivotal. We conduct mandatory pre-drywall inspections to verify that the project aligns with the Energy Star or ZERH standards. This step is critical and cannot be missed, as it ensures compliance with program requirements before the project advances further.

  • Step 6

    Ongoing Support and Additional Certifications

    Walker Reid continues to offer ongoing support as needed. We assist with any additional green building certifications you may seek, simultaneously completing models and documentation required for these certifications. Our commitment is to help you achieve the highest levels of sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • Step 7

    Final Site Inspections and Deliverables

    Before the project concludes, our team performs final site inspections to validate compliance with all program criteria. We then compile and deliver the final project documentation and deliverables.

  • Step 8

    Submittals to Governing Authorities

    We take care of submitting all required documentation to the relevant governing authorities for their review and certification. Our experience ensures a smooth and efficient process.

  • Step 9

    Tax Credit Claiming

    Finally, we provide your tax team with all necessary documentation and support for the successful claiming of the tax credits. We ensure that you receive the financial benefits you’re entitled to under the 45L Tax Credit program.

    At Walker Reid, we are committed to guiding your project through every step of the process, from initial assessment to certification and tax credit claiming. Our expertise and dedication will help you navigate the intricacies of the program and maximize your project’s success. Contact us today to get started on your path to energy-efficient and sustainable building solutions.

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