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Solar Panels in Apartments

A Big Change for the Big City Every sunrise brings with it a new set of opportunities to a number of particular citizens living in New York City. That statement is not just some gaudy metaphor about the ingenuity of the human spirit. No. In these particular cases, the subject at hand is the savings […]

Michigan Utility to Boost Renewables, Close 2 Coal Units

Michigan utility company Consumers Energy will change course to boost renewable power while spinning down its coal plants. In a new plan to be submitted to the Michigan Public Service Commission, the company will generate 40% of its power from renewable sources while cutting emissions by 80%, by 2040. This plan comes at a complex […]

The Lifesaving Benefits of Offshore Wind Power

There’s been a push globally to “go green” in the energy sector. Science has pointed to a rising number of parts per million of gases that, when released in large quantities, significantly deteriorate our atmosphere and create a volatile climate. This climate change is largely linked to the emissions from non-renewable energy sources. That’s why […]

Solar Panels Work in the Snow

Growing interest and news reports about saving energy, lowering utility costs and minimizing your carbon footprint have attracted your curiosity. If you live in a cold climate, you may have dismissed solar cells and devices as viable power options. This is a common misconception. When solar cells consist of high-quality materials, you can harness their […]

2018 Tax Credits: Electric Cars and Solar Power Credits

Even though home energy upgrades reduce the electric bill amount monthly, they are not always cheap. If you think about solar, energy efficiency, electric cars, among others, you will notice that you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to see later results in your bills. But, in 2018 there are energy tax […]

How Can a City Go Green

The new “green city movement” is mainly described as an association of cities which are focused on sustainability. What is more, it is formed by thousands of urban areas all around the world trying to reduce the  environmental impacts by “reducing waste, expanding recycling, lowering emissions, increasing housing density while expanding open space, and encouraging […]