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Ideas For Green Living Decorations

Green living doesn’t mean you have to submit yourself to a constant state of utilitarian pieces or drown your home in plants. What green living decor does offer is the chance to create a simple, spare home with plenty of calming open spaces and unique pieces that truly stand out. Green Living Decoration Ideas Natural […]

Types of Renewable Energy: Guide and Overview

Renewable energy is the way of the future. The planet only has a finite supply of oil, coal, and natural gas, so the transition to renewable resources is inevitable. Climate change is another reason for people to start looking at various options to produce electricity. Thankfully, there are several different types of renewable energy that […]

179D Tax Deduction for Architects and Engineers

In a lot of professions, it is important to understand how the tax code can affect a business operation. Architects and building engineers are no exceptions. One of the most important provisions that they should be aware of is the 179D Tax Deduction, commonly known as the Commercial Building Deduction. 179D gives architects and engineers […]

45L Tax Credit: Overview and Analysis of the Residential Efficiency Energy

Homeowners more than ever are looking for ways to decrease their carbon output and save money. New technologies and new discoveries have hastened the process of creating a better atmosphere for families to live and work in. For many first-time homeowners, the process of looking for ways to be more energy efficient can be daunting […]

9 Home Warm-ups for Winter Days

The Green Movement isn’t just about saving a few dollars on the long term; it can save up significant amounts of money if measures are implemented correctly. The first thing we all learn about green solutions is that they save on natural resources usage. The natural resources we depend on are finite, and this is […]

Go Green, Save Green

With the key goal of encouraging businesses to engage in greener practices and initiatives, the Commercial Property Owners and Leaseholders Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction, or 179D, is primarily intended for small- to medium-sized commercial companies. Maybe you’ve heard of or read about this code, but what can it mean for you professionally? Originating with the […]

How To Maximize 179D Benefits

If you are a business owner or professional contractor/engineer, you are aware of the high cost that taxes can incur on your business proceeds. Many legal provisions provide for tax cuts. The Energy Policy Act (2005), Section 179D, consists of a provision for tax deduction applicable to energy efficiency modifications to commercial buildings. Under this […]

10 Greenest USA Homes

The environmental impact of human activities has been massive, especially during the last years, and the results are devastating for the Earth and our surroundings. There are efforts from all sectors to increase environmental consciousness and be active in all the ways that count. Construction is one area that is striving to play its part […]

Why is the 45L Tax Credit Profitable for the Building Industry

One of the efforts that governments are making to contribute to sustainable human activities is offering tax incentives in the construction sector. The 45L Tax Credit is one of the incentives that developers can capitalize on when constructing. This tax credit provides $2000 for every unit of a newly built property or a building that […]

Simple and Down to Earth Green Living Tips

When you consider going green and embarking on the path to green living, decide if it is possible to return to a basic and simple lifestyle. It is also important to possess the ability to maintain this newly adapted lifestyle for the long term. A Treatise on Green Living If you want to go for […]