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Which Residential Upgrades Qualify for a Tax Credit

The Federal Government presented two lines of credits for those who had upgraded their homes to improve energy efficiency or use renewable energy: the Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit and the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit. They can be claimed by completing the Form 5695 with all tax returns. Residential  Renewable Energy Residential Renewable Energy Tax […]

179D and 45L Extended Retroactively for 2017 Projects

Early morning February, 9th the Bipartisan Budget Act was Passed providing a One-year retroactive active extension of §179D and §45L energy tax incentive provisions. This will allow projects placed in service in 2017 to be certified for qualifying energy tax incentives. Though the original expectation was that a 2-year extension would be passed, members of […]

Which Type of Energy Upgrade Offers the Best ROI?

When thinking about selling your house, you might also consider some home renovations. However, you need to make sure your improvements lead to increase the value of the house. It is worth to evaluate some upgrades to offer a reliable Return on Investment (ROI) If you want a very reliable company for this renovations Home Remodel […]

2018 New Year’s Resolution: Save Energy

As 2017 draws to a close and 2018 looms large on the horizon, what New Year’s resolutions are you planning to make? Surely there are many on your list, whether it includes getting healthier, saving money, saving time—or bigger endeavors, like finally adding that room onto your house or building your dream home. Regardless of […]

Tax Credits for Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy and Energy usage has been essential issues for many years worldwide. How energy is produced, and its conservation are vital concepts that governments are trying to solve by having the less possible impact on the environment. It is relevant to mention that conserving energy might help the US to minimize the dependence on foreign […]

Year-end Energy Upgrades for Tax Credit

There’s something to be said for year-end tax credits. As the end of the year approaches, taxpayers are often bombarded with requests and advice for sneaking in some last-minute credits that can work to your advantage when April 15th hits. Energy upgrades are no different. If you’ve looked into any kind of energy or green […]

Does Energy Efficiency Really Save Money?

In an increasingly climate-conscious world, there has been a major push to improve the ways we use electricity and the efficiency of our appliances and machinery. This increase in efficiency reduces carbon emissions and other forms of pollution. It also often claims to save money by reducing power consumption as well as decreasing excess carbon […]

Best Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption for your Business

If you own or run a business, whether you have implemented energy upgrades or not, you are likely to always be on the lookout for ways to save money on business expenses. When you reduce energy consumption in any way, not only does that save you money on your bill, but it reduces the stress […]

Long-term Effects of Renewable Energy vs. Conventional

Is it worth the switch? Whether you own a residential or commercial property—or are considering purchasing either at some point in the future—you have no doubt been considering switching to or incorporating renewable energy into your plans. With all the mixed opinions and information out there, it’s tough to decide what is best when it […]