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Keeping Your Cooling System Energy Efficient Over the Summer Months

Whether you own or rent a home—or a business—you know that heating and cooling are some of the most important but costly expenses required to operate a building. Winter and summer bring the harshest temperatures, so naturally, the energy bills are higher during those seasons as your system works its hardest. Since summer is rapidly […]

5 Eco-Conscious Florida Hotels

Your care for the planet’s welfare extends beyond your backyard. You spark heightened awareness wherever you go. When traveling, you want to stay at eco-friendly hotels. You seek those that recycle, protect wildlife, conserve resources, and use non-toxic products. Here are green Florida hotels with which you’ll be most pleased. Edgewater Beach Hotel – Naples […]

Energy Tax Savings for Casinos

A savvy business owner is constantly looking to save money and cut costs in every avenue possible. While most casinos in America generally make a good profit, they are not excluded from economic fluctuations. Casino owners, just like other business owners, still have expenses and need to find ways to reduce them no matter their […]

179D Savings Opportunity for Hotels

These days, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and save money—and businesses are no exception. Companies and individuals alike would be smart not to pass up any opportunities for savings to allow as much income to be retained as possible. One way for businesses to cut back on long-term expenses is to implement […]

Ten Ways to Make Your Rental Property Energy-Efficient

Concern for the environment and sustainability have become commonplace these days. While it seems that homeowners have the advantage when it comes to “going green,” there are things that landlords can do too. It’s true that you don’t want to spend much on a rental property, but you can help to improve your building’s overall […]

10 Green Restaurants Across the United States

Managing a restaurant requires a lot of work from start to finish each day. However, to run a restaurant, it’s important to rethink your ethical standards and guidelines to provide a more eco-friendly workplace. By offering eco-friendly food and beverages, you can help lower your impact on global warming in the world along with these […]

Should You Bother Green-Certifying Your Building?

It is entirely obvious that the real estate market is always changing and developing. ENERGY STAR products, LEED, and the National Green Building Standard are more sought after now than ever before. Although green building certification is not a requirement for any new development, certifying your building in this manner can benefit you in many […]

Tax Reform Is an Even Bigger Challenge than Repeal

The House GOP health plan has failed, and the reaction of many congressional Republicans, including President Donald Trump, was to switch issues and change the focus to tax reform. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin maintains a positive attitude about their chances of success, as he claims that tax reform is simpler to handle than the far […]

How To Choose An Energy Efficiency Auditor

As a business owner, many things require your attention. Thereby, making it difficult to find time to conduct a thorough assessment of how and where energy is being used in your business. Contacting an energy efficiency auditor could save you the hassle of meticulously identifying features that contribute to your overall energy performance, and provide […]