Inflation Reduction Act -IRS Issues Announcement Updating ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for 2028 and later

IRA UPDATE -IRS Issues Announcement Updating ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for §179D

On May 17th, 2024 the Internal Revenue Service Issued Announcement 2024-24, affirming the applicable standards to be used for §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction, starting January 1st, 2023.

The announcement clarifies that the reference standard to be used for projects being placed in service after 1/1/2028 will be 90.1-22 with construction not beginning by 2023. See the table below for the applicability of the reference standards in the past and moving forward.

The full text is available here for your review but the key change is the update of the adding the 90.1-2022 standard for projects placed in service after 12/31/2028.

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About the Author;

David Diaz is a partner at Walker Reid Strategies, a licensed professional engineering firm specializing in performing §179D studies and §45L certifications. Mr. Diaz is an expert in energy efficiency and specialty tax services who shares his insights at and online through webinars. For more information, contact him at