Getting Higher Returns from Your Real Estate Investment

The majority of people who own buildings are experienced business…

Eliminating Bi-Level Requirements for the 179D

Section 179D allows for several methods to be used to qualify…

New Senate Bill Sheds Light on Future Reforms

Last Tuesday, September 22, 2015, the Senate Energy Committee…

Full-Service Contractor Completes Energy-Reducing Project in California Schools

Embracing energy-efficient, greener working processes plays a…
Cooling Tower for a large office building.

179D Opportunities for HVAC Contractors

A simple but powerful tax provision could be putting money into…
179D Commercial Building Tax

179D July Updates

Have you heard that 179D is considered to be one of the best…
179D Tax

179D Extension 2015 update

In some exciting news, on Tuesday July, 21st 2015 , the Senate…
Section 179D Tax Deduction

New Proposed 179D Extension

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21 at 11:00 AM ET, a two-year extension…
commercial building tax deduction 179d

Energy Efficient Buildings Tax Deduction

An energy tax incentive called Section 179D was created under…