Walker Reid Strategies Launches our New Division for Outsourced Engineering Support

Walker Reid Strategies Launches our New Division for Outsourced Engineering Support

In June, we announced the formation of our new division, WRS Engineering, which provides outsourced engineering services to our clients. We have developed this division based on our extensive expertise in leveraging technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and automation to help CPAs, specialty tax firms, and other related clients in their energy incentive work. Using a similar approach, we can now support MEP firms, architects, engineers, ESCOS, and LEED professionals by supplementing labor shortages and reducing costs through energy modeling, BIM, and code compliance services.


Our Expertise Provides a Host of New Benefits


By tapping into our team’s experience, proven track record, and energy incentive knowledge base, clients can benefit from using our outsourced services. LEED consultants and engineers can now gain access to a team well-versed in the latest advancements, enabling them to stay at the forefront of engineering practices.


Achieving LEED certification requires meticulous attention, an understanding of sustainable design principles, and compliance with stringent criteria. WRS Engineering services assist LEED professionals in tapping into precise energy modeling and code compliance assessments, streamlining the certification process and increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.


In a time when skilled labor shortages are plaguing the engineering industry, our new engineering division offers a timely solution. We offer a range of flexible, subcontracted services that allow our clients to meet their needs without hiring and training additional staff. By supplementing the existing workforce, our clients can overcome the hurdles of inadequate staffing, ensuring projects are completed efficiently, correctly, and on time.


Our outsourcing division’s services are strategically designed to reduce costs without compromising quality. Energy modeling, BIM, and code compliance services enhance project accuracy and lead to resource optimization, resulting in significant cost savings for clients.


Who Can Benefit from Outsourced Engineering Services?


Walker Reid already serves a diverse range of industries and clients in architecture, engineering, and construction services. WRS Engineering’s new services are of particular help to:


  • Architects and architectural firms: We understand architects’ unique challenges in energy-efficient design. Our services include energy modeling for design improvement, BIM simulation to test project feasibility, and consulting services.
  • MEP firms: With their role throughout the stages of a construction project, MEP firms play crucial roles in construction projects. Our energy modeling and BIM simulation services help MEP firms optimize designs and reduce costs while still meeting all necessary codes and standards. This also helps MEP firms stay competitive and ahead of their competition.
  • LEED professionals: With our knowledge of energy efficiency requirements through our Sections 179D and 45L work, we understand the importance of sustainable building practices and how they relate to LEED certification. We can help LEED building professionals achieve their project’s green building goals by providing support through the complex certification and compliance process.


Expertise When it Is Needed


Ruben Abreu P.E. CEM, GBE, a longtime team member, leads the new WRS Engineering Division.s  Our clients benefit from his extensive domain knowledge and experience. He ensures that every aspect of a project is handled with precision, from energy efficiency considerations to regulatory compliance.


We also understand that while there are many similarities from project to project, every client’s needs are unique. WRS Engineering offers tailored solutions that align with the needed specific requirements. We can identify potential improvement areas using the latest tools and techniques to model energy usage accurately. We also provide detailed documentation to support certification applications.

This level of customization enhances project outcomes and client satisfaction.


Clients can reallocate their in-house resources to more strategic and value-driven initiatives by outsourcing engineering tasks to experts. This shift in focus allows for overall business growth and expansion opportunities. Leveraging WRS Engineering’s specialized services accelerates project timelines. Energy modeling, BIM, and code compliance services streamline processes and minimize bottlenecks, leading to quicker project completion. To learn more about the services that WRS Engineering provides, contact us today. 

About the Author:

David Diaz is a partner at Walker Reid Strategies, a licensed professional engineering firm specializing in performing §179D studies and §45L certifications. Mr. Diaz is an expert in energy efficiency and specialty tax services who shares his insights at www.walkerreid.com and online through webinars. For more information on the services provided by WRS Engineering, contact him at ddiaz@walkerreid.com.