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Latest 179D IRS Deduction News

Expectations for Upcoming ASHRAE changes to §179D Tax Deduction

Together with §179D having been made permanent as part of the…

Changes to §179D as part of Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021

At the end of 2020, the energy tax incentive industry after years…
Building Tax Deduction

Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction

The Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction is an…
When It Makes Sense to Use the Section 179 Tax Deduction, and When It Doesn’t

When It Makes Sense to Use the Section 179 Tax Deduction, and When It Doesn’t

Here is some good news for small business owners: You are eligible…
Guide To The Section 179 Tax Deduction

Small Business Owner’s Guide To The Section 179 Tax Deduction

Business owners are always looking for the best way to reduce…
Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits for Architects, Engineers and Contractors Under Section 179D

Architects, engineers and contractors may be eligible for a significant…
Tax Deduction 2018

Section 179 Deduction Limits Increased for 2018

There is news for this year in connection with Section 179. The…
179d tax deduction for energy efficiency

179D and 45L Extended Retroactively for 2017 Projects

Early morning February, 9th the Bipartisan Budget Act was Passed…

Energy Tax Savings for Casinos

A savvy business owner is constantly looking to save money and…

Latest 45L Tax Credit News

179d tax deduction for energy efficiency

179D and 45L Extended Retroactively for 2017 Projects

Early morning February, 9th the Bipartisan Budget Act was Passed…
energy efficient resedential

45L Tax Credit: Overview and Analysis of the Residential Efficiency Energy

Homeowners more than ever are looking for ways to decrease their…

FAQs About the 45L Tax Credit

In addition to being better for the environment, energy-efficient…
45L Contractor

Differences Between 45L Tax Credit and 179D Tax Deduction

This article is meant to assist you to understand the policies…
Going Green 45L

Beginner’s Guide To Renewable Energy

The federal government is still offering tax credits like the…

The 45L Tax Credit: An Incentive for Green Building

Energy conservation has taken shape due to the obvious need to…
45L Tax Credit Planning with engineers

Why you should not overlook the 45L tax credit if you are planning to build a house

The 45L Tax Credit is a little-known tax little-known provides…

Benefits of the 45L Tax Credit

The 45L tax credit has been available to eligible contractors since…

Key Factors That Meet The Energy Efficient Home Requirements

The use of the new tax credit 45L has seen a surge, as the world…

Latest Going Green News

Cracked Earth

Climate Change: Can the Environment be Saved by Today’s Emerging Political Forces?

Are today's emerging political forces enough to save our environment?…
Green City

How Can a City Go Green

Liberty City Press describes the new "green city movement”…
kids recycling

5 Eco-Conscious Florida Hotels

Your care for the planet's welfare extends beyond your backyard.…

Ten Ways to Make Your Rental Property Energy-Efficient

Concern for the environment and sustainability have become commonplace…

10 Green Restaurants Across the United States

Managing a restaurant requires a lot of work from start to finish…

Should You Bother Certifying Your New Building?

With the real estate markets at their peak, it is always useful…

10 Most Environmentally-Friendly Countries

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is a method of quantifying…
Energy Efficient Home Decors

Energy Efficient Home Decors You Should Invest In

As environmental awareness continues to improve every day, there…
kids recycling

Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids Green Living

Ready to Jump-start the New Year with a Green Attitude? Don't…

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The communication from your firm was very timely and consistent and the inspections went great!  We didn’t have any complaints or comments from our operations people, which is amazing considered how many stores you visited.  All in all, I thought it was a very well-managed and efficient project that really didn’t take a lot of time once the data was gathered.

Can’t thank you enough for finding these guys!

A million percent better… responsive, professional and timely… what more could we ask for.

Nice!!! So my partners get about $247k in tax savings (assuming 39% tax rate) and paid out only $53k!!!!!

Nearly $200k CASH SAVINGS!!!

I think this will be in my self evaluation this year!!! Thanks for making me look so smart!!!!!

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