Solar panels

Solar Panels in Apartments

A Big Change for the Big City Every sunrise brings with it a…
Cracked Earth

Climate Change: Can the Environment be Saved by Today’s Emerging Political Forces?

Are today's emerging political forces enough to save our environment?…
Power plants

Michigan Utility to Boost Renewables, Close 2 Coal Units

Michigan utility company Consumers Energy will change course…
Wind turbines at sea

The Lifesaving Benefits of Offshore Wind Power

There's been a push globally to "go green" in the energy sector.…
Solar panels in the snow

Solar Panels Work in the Snow

Growing interest and news reports about saving energy, lowering…
electric cars

2018 Tax Credits: Electric Cars and Solar Power Credits

Even though home energy upgrades reduce the electric bill amount…
Green City

How Can a City Go Green

Liberty City Press describes the new "green city movement”…
Electric meters in a row measuring power use. Electricity consumption concept.

The Future of Energy Consumption

According to the U.S. Energy Profile, the country is considered…
solar panel in green lawn with wind power station

Wind and Solar Power could Supply the US

If we want to defeat climate change, it would be primordial to…
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