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10 Habits That Reduce Energy Consumption

Whether you are part of the green movement or just looking to save up some money on your utility bills, it seems that reducing energy consumption is top of mind for many people. Even minor changes to your routine can reduce power usage and lower your costs. Not only is this good for your wallet, […]

The Energy Efficiency Home Credit: 45L

The 45L Tax Credit is an extension of the New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit that had originally been established in 2005 as part of that year’s federal Energy Policy Act. The original tax credits expired in 2014, but they were extended until the end of 2016. The 45L provides eligible contractors with a $2,000 […]

Efficiency Tax Benefits Have a ‘Kickback’ Problem

Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.) has recently stated that while tax deductions for energy-efficiency aren’t meant to be sold, there are concerns that this rule hasn’t been followed too scrupulously at the state and local government levels. Cardin has sent a written complaint on August 8 to the Treasury and Housing and Urban Development secretaries […]

5 Energy Efficient Home Designs

When planning your next new home project, architectural design, and engineering, consider including some energy efficient features into your final construction. Not only will you enjoy lower utility bills, but you may also qualify for a tax break for your investment. While there are many dynamic adjustments and additions you can make so that your […]

What You Should Know About The 179D Tax Deduction

President Barack Obama concluded a difficult situation initiated by Congress and Senate institutions that were seeking to end the expiry of over 50 provisions of the American tax code. On December 18, 2015, he signed the H.R. 2029 motion featuring the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2016 (also named the 2016 omnibus spending bill) that allowed the […]

The 45L Tax Credit: An Incentive for Green Building

Energy conservation has taken shape due to the obvious need to protect the environment from greenhouse gasses, pollution, and natural resources consumption. One way to preserve energy is to give incentives to people who adhere to this movement and make the necessary upgrades to protect the environment. The US government has done so, by extending […]

9 ways to Own a Zero-Energy Home

A zero energy home (ZEH) aims to consume the same amount of energy it produces on site through renewable and sustainable methods. One such house may still sound like a futuristic concept, but the technology required to build it is already available on the market. Zero energy homes have already been constructed in many areas […]

7 Tips on Heating and Cooling Your Home

The green movement is beneficial both to the environment and to your wallet. There was a time when people did not worry about energy efficiency, but this is not the case today. Modern homeowners are well-informed and aware that eco-friendly homes result in lower heating and cooling bills. Implement the next 7 ideas to help […]

Why you should not overlook the 45L tax credit if you are planning to build a house

The 45L Tax Credit is a little-known tax little-known provides a significant source of capital for buildings, both for owner-occupied and rental units. It applies to residential housing, including apartments, condominiums single-family homes, student units or townhouses and it translates in up to $2000 in tax credit per unit, aiming to help increase the construction […]

Why Every Business Owner Should Know about 179D Tax Deductions

If you’re a building owner, architect, engineer or contractor, going green can save you some tax dollars. The federal government has an interest in encouraging the construction of energy-efficient buildings since buildings are some of the biggest consumers of energy around. Since 2006, the government has been using the tax code to incentivize efficient building […]