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Changes afoot for 2014 business tax returns

In 1982, the IRS tax code initiated a provision for first-year write-downs on the purchase of most personal property being used in a trade or business. This allowed operating companies to take advantage of an IRS Section 179 deduction on their business tax returns. In 1982 when Section 179 was implemented, the allowable tax deduction […]

179D Tax Deduction for Architects, Engineers, ESCO’s: To Share or Not To Share?

To share the 179D Tax Deduction?… or…. Not to share the 179D Tax Deduction?  This is a common question that arises when we look at 179D Tax Deduction for Architects, Engineers, ESCO’s, Contractors and other designers of energy efficient government-owned buildings. Though it is a common practice to share the 179D Tax Deduction amongst multiple designers […]

179D Tax Deduction Legislative Update

As the end of 2013 approaches and more importantly the 179D Tax Deduction, we feel that it is important for everyone to have a good gauge on what has happened and what we expect to happen on Capitol Hill as far as the life of the 179D Tax Deduction is concerned. Walker Reid Strategies has […]