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Becoming Familiar With 179D Tax Deduction

For many, understanding how to manage specialty tax incentives can be difficult which is why there are tax specialists such as Walker Reid who aim to help educate the business community about the benefits of specialty tax incentives like the 179D Tax Deduction. With Walker Reid, we specialize in 179D Tax Deduction, which became part […]

179D Tax Deduction Status and Extension Update

With the proposed extension of Section 179D Tax Deduction in the EXPIRE Act currently blocked in the Senate by a battle over the allowance of amendments, we look at the house for possible action. Chairman Camp of the House Ways and Means Committee has implemented an approach different than the extenders bill proposed in the Senate. His […]

Can lighting retrofits in unconditioned facilities qualify for a full 179D Tax Deduction ( $1.80/SF Deduction)?

With the increasingly modern improvements of Lighting Retrofits to Warehouse/Distribution and Manufacturing facilities, many are aware that a year one deduction of up to $0.60/SF may be available through the EPAct 179D Incentive. This method of qualification is typically done under the IRS’s “Interim Rule.” Many are not aware that in retrofits with aggressive power […]

Changes afoot for 2014 business tax returns

In 1982, the IRS tax code initiated a provision for first-year write-downs on the purchase of most personal property being used in a trade or business. This allowed operating companies to take advantage of an IRS Section 179 deduction on their business tax returns. In 1982 when Section 179 was implemented, the allowable tax deduction […]