3 Tips to Help Architects Win A Greater Number of Bids

Securing bids is a challenge for many Architects. In this blog, we will discuss 3 ways in which architects can win more bids.

  1. Pre-Construction Planning

    Tax credits and deductions on commercial buildings and projects can be gained through meticulous pre-construction planning and extensive design analysis. An architect can examine a building’s components to identify those assets that meet the criteria for credits and accelerated depreciation.
    Once that has been identified, it helps to break them in a schedule of values so that they can be updated and then accounted for in the project.
    As a result of this, an architect would be able to design and develop a building that is more beneficial for the client in terms of taxes.

  2. Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction

    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 has the Energy-Efficient Commercial Tax Deduction – or just Section 179D, which is a widely used tax incentive available that architects can leverage. This section provides tax deduction of up to $1.80 per sq. foot. for building owners who install energy-efficient components.
    This is a valuable tool that architects can use to win more bids. The benefits for your clients can be highly beneficial: improved ROI, and increased cash flow.

  3. Research and Development

    Almost every architectural and construction project is uncertain and unique. Solving uncertainty requires research, modeling, technology, drawings, and testing. All of these activities and their associated costs may be eligible for R&D an Tax credit. Common R&D studies include:

All of these strategies will help you secure more bids and become a successful architect.