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Latest 179D IRS Deduction News


3 Steps to Help Clients Understand Energy Tax Deductions

Section 179D represents an opportunity for commercial real estate…
3D circular labyrinth against cloudy sky

What Can Make Your Property Qualify under Section 179D

As the years have passed, Congress and the U.S. Government have…

Why Energy Tax Deductions are Important for You

When an attorney is in their very first year at law school, they…

Quick Facts about Section 179D

Section 179D of the IRS Tax Code is one of the most interesting…
A view of Grand River in Downtown Lansing with puffy clouds in the background and a tree (for framing) in the foreground.

Section 179D: Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Deduction

It is estimated that only 10 percent of qualifying projects take…
Analyzing Business Data - pen and numbers on paper

Using Accelerated Depreciation and Expensing to Reduce Tax

If you are anything like a typical CPA, you would be busy examining…

President Signs Tax Extenders into Law

On the afternoon of Friday, December 18th President Obama signed…
park in lujiazui financial center, Shanghai, China

Qualification and Eligibility for Section 179D

Section 179D was intended to enhance the US’s energy independence…
WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 3:  The Capitol Building is seen on October, 3, 2008 in Washington, DC.  The House of Representatives passed a revised version of the financial rescue package that failed to pass on Monday.  (Photo by Melissa Golden/Getty Images)

Negotiators have reached agreement on extending Section 179D

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., announced to Republican lawmakers…

Latest 45L Tax Credit News


Key Factors That Meet The Energy Efficient Home Requirements

The use of the new tax credit 45L has seen a surge, as the world…

What are the Benefits of using 45L?

The use of section 45L has often been made rather sparingly.…

Latest Going Green News

Energy Efficiency building

Go Green, Save Green

With the key goal of encouraging businesses to engage in greener…
green home

10 Greenest USA Homes

The environmental impact of human activities has been massive,…
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Simple and Down to Earth Green Living Tips

When you consider going green and embarking on the path to green…
Scene of house with tree, car, clouds and fence made out of recycled materials

Brief History of the Modern Green Movement

It would be remiss to look back at the history of the Green Movement…
Smart home automation: wall display showing household consumptions related to temperature and heating, power and light, water usage and green energy production. With charts, data and interactive functions for remote control of home facilities and utilities.

Home Appliances For Smart Energy Bills

“Going green” isn’t just good for the environment, it also…
Glowing compact fluorescent light bulb hovering over the top of some broken incandescent light bulbs.  Concept for going green.

10 Habits That Reduce Energy Consumption

Whether you are part of the green movement or just looking to…
paper house on meadow with blue sky

5 Energy Efficient Home Designs

When planning your next new home project, architectural design,…
eco design of the modern interior. Real living tree indoor. 3d concept

9 ways to Own a Zero-Energy Home

A zero energy home (ZEH) aims to consume the same amount of energy…

5 Benefits of Green Living

Have you considered switching your business practices to those…

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Hilary H.

The communication from your firm was very timely and consistent and the inspections went great!  We didn’t have any complaints or comments from our operations people, which is amazing considered how many stores you visited.  All in all, I thought it was a very well-managed and efficient project that really didn’t take a lot of time once the data was gathered.

Hilary H.Tax Manager
Mary D.

Can’t thank you enough for finding these guys!

A million percent better… responsive, professional and timely… what more could we ask for.

Mary D.President
Teresa J.

Nice!!! So my partners get about $247k in tax savings (assuming 39% tax rate) and paid out only $53k!!!!!

Nearly $200k CASH SAVINGS!!!

I think this will be in my self evaluation this year!!! Thanks for making me look so smart!!!!!

Teresa J.Controller

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